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Greater the purity of acoustic reproduction, closer the connection with raw emotions of music. The Swara range comprises world class products that excel at this!

The range offers genuine high fidelity performance characterized by low distortions, authentic tonality, and dynamics.

The swara range of products offer true high fidelity performance and capable of eleveating  the listening experience of any music genre.

The products are manufactured with a stringent quality process that focus on  quality components and measurements at various stages. The result is consitent performance and long term reliability.

We offer unconditional support to customer even 10 or 15 years after the purchase. 

High Grade


Real Walnut

wood panel



The amplifiers have a power of 80w (@ 8R) per channel. The amplifier’s sonic signature is neutral with a fluid and dynamic presentation.

The amplifier is capable of driving even the most difficult speakers and reproduce high level of detail, dynamics and a great stereo imaging.

Add more clarity to your Dolby ATMOS/DTS-HD sound track reproduction, further enhance the overall musical performance of your home theatre

The most discrening of audiophiles might not be quite happy with a solid stage preamplifer. The tube preamp is a great way to make the tonality more natural and enjoyable.

It is always hard to match source and destination equipment. The buffer products help solve some of the technical issues, and as an bonus the buffer adds that subtle tube tonality.

Swara Headphone Amplifier will be both powerful and musical in its presentation. The amplifier is capable of driving the most difficult headphones to drive.


Home theatres are often limited by built in amplifiers of the AV receivers. To optimally use your investment in loudspeakers, improve the scale of the soundstage from ATMOS/DTS tracks and overall musicallity – you will need the Swara audiophile grade multichannel power amplifier

The article explains our thoughts and approach behind our products.

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