About Us

Acoustic Portrait was established in 2002 based on the founder’s passion for music. We design and manufacture the finest high-end audio equipment in India. Our products standout from competing brands in terms of performance and without a doubt, they offer incredible value. The reason for our leadership position in the industry can be summarized into two characteristics which are explained below.

Focus on the science of acoustic reproduction:

Based on our study spanning 20 years, we have identified various parameters that are critical for acoustic reproduction. These parameters are critical for listeners to develop a connection with the true essence and spirit of the recorded music. All our products are incorporate design criteria that have evolved from this research.

Strong technical background:

The founders started manufacturing with vacuum-tube based radios in the 1960’s. Subsequently, the founders have diversified into several other innovative electronic products and therefore, carry a rich experience in design and and manufacture highly reliable electronic products.

Recently we also launched our audiophile record label focused on record Indian classical/heritage music. All recordings are made in high resolution audio by using state of the art recording equipment. We are very happy to get this opportunity to work with some of the finest musicians from India.

Based on our extensive experience in audio engineering, we have developed our own design philosophy as our standard. All our products adhere to this standard, which makes them appealing to audiophiles and professional audio engineers.

Pure | Dynamic | Expressive