mission statement

Research, design & develop world class products that eleveates the experience of music and movie fans and set a new benchmark for audio reproduction.

about us

Acoustic Portrait is a passionate journey of discovery to decode the nuances of audio reproduction and create innovative products based on this research effort.

Jeya Sivakumar and Sivakumar started this journey in 2004.  

Our research starts at our recording studios to discover the intentions and nuances that are important in the creative process. These nuances become the golden standard that we try to recreate through our electronics and speakers. 

This is the reason we call our process the “invisible audio engineering”. We consider our job as an equipment provider, is to create a direct connection between the musicians and the listener. We strive to keep own footprint on the sonics to be an absolute minimal.

More about our design principle at : https://acousticportrait.com/acoustic-purity/

In the past 20 years, we have had customers across India who become good friends and part of the ever expanding Acoustic Portrait family.  

our Values

Commitment to high-fidelity

Overcoming the boundaries of science and pushing the boundaries of acoustic fidelity is a continuous work. This is our passion, and we have committed substantial effort and resources for this research. 

We offer sincere products that reflect our pursuit of ultimate fidelity. We avoid tuning our products for a specific audience, target market, tonality, etc., 

Manufacture with high-quality parts

All our products meet a specific set of target measurements, performance criteria, & reliability factors. We achieve these quality goals with high-quality electronic parts, strong mechanicals & durable finish. 

Further, we only source genuine parts from reliable vendors and leverage the combined skill of several experienced industrial designers and fabricators across India.

Reliabilility & Quality

As we design our audio electronics to push the boundaries for optimal performance, we also keep a razor sharp focus on long-term reliability of the product. Apart from the high-quality components, we also give equal important to a stringent manufacturing process.

Over the past twenty years, our products have a proven track record of stellar reliability.

Honest Pricing 

We fix our product pricing in relation to the cost of parts and associated manufacturing cost. We invest a very significant amount in our R&D process, but we do not roll this cost into our pricing.

Our goals is to provide our customers with the very best value among competing high-end audio products.

Offer Upgrade Path

We offer service to ensure customers enjoy an optimal performance of our products even after many years of ownership. We periodically offer upgrades from newer models to maximize the benefit from investment in our products.

We are very keen to keep customers in the Acoustic Portrait family and we do our best to ensure they use our products for many years.

Customer Support

Our customers are our greatest  strength. Each installation of our products is like our own personal installation and we will go the extra mile to ensure products sound optimal in our customer location.

If there are issues in the product even after 10 years, we will always bring back the product to its original condition, or even better, upgrade it.