home theatre

We offer premium compoents for building a world class home theatre that excel optimal reproduction of Dolbty ATMOS and DTS tracks, just the way they should be experienced. As a bonus all our products signifiantly improve the musicallity of your home theatre.

Add more clarity to your Dolby ATMOS/DTS-HD sound track reproduction, further enhance the overall musical performance of your home theatre

The MS210 is designed to offer not-just a flat frequency response, but very low distortions, great dynamics and excellent transient response. This makes them an ideal companion for a truly high end stereo or home theater application.

The speaker’s characteristic include excellent micro & macro dynamics, good transient response, high levels of details, low distortions of any kind, neutral sonic signature and an open sound stage that is both wide and deep.

HT PAckage

Our speakers are designed to recreate a very realistic and immersive sound stage and as a bonus – they are incredibly musical, as well!

upcoming products

We launched the Thiyaga 3 channel power amplifier in the WhatHiFi Show 2023. The amplifier delivers 200 watts of power at 8R impedance, with very low distortion.

In Dec 23, we will launch the mono blocks with ultra low distortion and rated at 240w @ 8R and 360w @ 4R

You can pre-book your units with our dealers.

Here are links to articles that will help you in selecting and installing a home theatre.

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