Top 7 qualities required in a home Theatre

Selecting your home theatre product and designing the entire solution can be a daunting task. There are quite a few moving parts in a home theatre, and each of those parts is critical for the entire solution to perform well. This article will highlight the key qualities one should look for during the selection process.

1 : soundSTAGE
Immersive Soundstage

This is the foundation for any home theatre experience. Also, for a movie director, this is perhaps the most important audio-visual tool.

The soundstage will place you right in the middle of a movie scene. The quality of this sound stage and its realism are the core focus areas of technology advancement, such as ATMOS and DTS:X.

When you watch a movie, the speakers and subwoofers have to disappear. Sound will float in the space between speaker with distinct sounds originating from different points in the three-dimensional space around you.

For example, when a plane flies over you, the sound will smoothly transition from one set of speakers to another without you explicitly hearing sound coming from any specific speaker.

2 : Well Sized Video
It is the combination of audio-visual that matters

The aim is to get the largest possible high resolution visual. The visuals should be sufficiency bright, shown with natural colors, dynamic , crisp and detailed images.

4k,8K,HDR,Dolby vision, etc., are critical to a modern home theatre.

It is important to select all required products carefully

TV or Projectors that support all the modern standards
Compatible source such as Blu-Ray player, streamer or HTPC.
Cables that support the high bandwidth required for these modern standards.

Indeed, this is an amazing tool for movie directors to create an acoustic envelope around the audience. This sound stage has become an integral part of the movie narrative.

We should note that soundstage is limited to a horizontal plane in case of surround sound, making the image only 2D in nature.

3 : high definition audio
Linear frequency response combined with good dynamic quality is critical

The high definition tracks of modern movie soundtracks and music releases, contains a lot more dynamic range and dynamic resolution. This has enabled studio engineers to create far more complex and uncannily realistic audio mixes.

Reproducing all these details from these sophisticated recording requires support from the entire chain of audio equipment.

More so all these details must be reproduced “high-fidelity” qualities, while still maintaining a very low levels of distortions


4 : equipments should disapprear
Audio-Visuals have a profound impact at both conscious and subconscious level.

A home theatre system needs to be built with good quality components, installed and configured in a scientific way. When this is done properly, you be rewarded with an “edge of your seat” experience and elevate the movie experience to the next level. 

If all you hear is sound coming from different directions, then you may want to check your installation and configuration. 

When watching a movie, the equipment should totally disappear and will not attract any attention to itself. If that happens, then your audio equipment and the home theatre integrators have done their job well. 

5 : experience emotion from Music
We expect a home theatre to perform equally well with both movies and music - no excuses.

One area where most home theatre struggle is to reproduce music in a manner that is very enjoyable and connects you well with the emotions being conveyed through the music. 

It is not just reproduce music in stereo, but also reproduce songs from movies and more importantly. high definition recordings of live video concerts that are available in Blu-ray and DVD discs.

Generally, we observe when a home theatre sounds good for music, it is also excellent for movies. So the goal should always be to be get the music correct on any home theatre.

6 : Support for latest standards
The height dimension brings a more 3D imaging from Dolby ATMOS & DTS:X

The standards for both audio and video keeps evolving at a rapid pace. But any investment in audio-video equipment will at least stay relevant for 10 years or more, based on our experience. 

However, when purchasing new equipment, it is important to ensure all the of important and modern standards are supported. But, there is an caveat, some of these standards might shoot up the overall cost of the solution. For example, a 8K video solution is very expensive and it can be avoided. But it is important to ensure the latest standards from Dolby and DTS are supported. 

7 : Room acoustics & Interiors
The height dimension brings a more 3D imaging from Dolby ATMOS & DTS:X

Too much of anything will become a problem and this is a common problem we see with room acoustics. Acoustic treatment should be scientific and done only to the required extent. It is important to get the right professional to design your room acoustic treatment.

Apart from room acoustic, interior designers, lighting experts and air conditioning experts are equally important to create the right ambience and environment. 

Another important aspect is the power supply to the room. It would be ideal to get a separate power for this room from the mains.  This will ensure safety of your equipment and even the quality of audio-visuals will improve with better power source.

Let's conclude

Home theatre is a complex piece of technology, but eventually the purpose is to deliver the creativity of movie directors, sound engineers and musicians. Hence, it is important not only to focus on the technical specifications of the product, but also give lot of importance to evaluating how much your movie watching experience is enhanced, or how much deeper you are able to connect with a musical performance. 

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