redisvover your
Favourite music

Whether it is jazz, classic rock or old Bollywood hits, we promise you will hear much more detail and experience deeper emotion from tracks you have heard over a hundred times

The best audio equipment is one that is capable of reproducing all nuances and emotions of a musical performance. The Thiyaga products represnts our best effort from 20 years of research and lessons from our association with world class musicans.

The products have won  “Best Sound” award at two consequtive What HI-FI? show, despite competing against  signifiantly more expensive products.

The products will draw you into your listening chair and force you to spend long hours experiencing all the emotions possible only from a good musical performance.


Build quality

Burma TEAk

wood panel



The Thiyaga V2 SE is a state-of-the-art digital-to-analog converter that packs the very latest in the technology by leveraging the full potential of the world’s best DAC digital technology

We combine some of the most modern technologies and components with the vintage element, to offer the best of tube sound, but at significantly lower distortion levels.

One of the best power amplifier in the market, regardless of price. The amp will drive any high end loudspeakers quite easily and pffer a natural and engaging sound.


The Thiyaga Preamp is a much anticipated product that has taken us couple of years to develop. Several new technologies have been developed to compliment the tubes, so that we get the magic of tube sound, but with a much lower distortion levels.