What is immersive audio?

what is immersive audio motive behind immersive audio Audio & Visuals are the backbone of a movie experience. Each scene has an audio element mastered to make a profound impact on your conscious and subconscious mind. Therefore, movie producers make significant investment in audio technologies. Today, Dolby ATMOS/DTS-X are standard for creating an “immersive audio” […]

Top 7 qualities required in a home theatre

Top 7 qualities required in a home Theatre Selecting your home theatre product and designing the entire solution can be a daunting task. There are quite a few moving parts in a home theatre, and each of those parts is critical for the entire solution to perform well. This article will highlight the key qualities […]

What you need to know about high-end audio

What you need to know abouthigh-end Audio There are many categories of audio products, each designed for a particular purpose. High-end audio is a category of products that are typically designed for high fidelity audio reproduction. This is typically achieved with a no compromise design and manufacturing approach. Typically, the more we seek “convenience” , […]

discover purity in acoustic reproduction

Purity in acoustic reproduction The quest for a perfect acoustic reproduction is an ambitious goal. We attempt to recreate nature, involving undistorted acoustic energy, nuances and emotions. This has to be done in a manner appealing to complex human hearing and cognitive abilities. This might sound philosophical and hard to achieve, but we have been […]

Best sound award What HI-FI? Show 2022

BEST sound award at What hifi? Show 2022St. Regis Hotel, Mumbai Acoustic Portrait wins the second consecutive best sound award at the prestigious What HI-FI? show 2022, in St. Regis Hotel, Mumbai. They conducted the show from the 26th to 28th May 2022.  Many legendary plans were demonstrated their products at the show. Thanks to […]

What HI-FI? Show, Mumbai, March 2020

Acoustic Portrait wins the best sound award at the What Hi-Fi Show in Mumbai Our sincere thanks and gratitude to What Hi*Fi? team for organizing this wonderful show in Mumbai, and also to all the wonderful audiophiles & music lovers of Mumbai for their show of support. The event has encouraged us to invest more […]

What HI-FI ? Show @ Hyderabad (Sep 2019)

We thank the organizers What HIFI India for the wonderful show @ Hyderabad. It was wonderful to meet so many like-minded audiophiles, music lovers and friends from the AV industry. We especially thank everyone who encouraged us, saying it thrills them to see such high-end audio products being manufactured in India. @ Trident Hyderabad – […]