Monitor Series (MS) 610 Loudspeakers

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Corrson is proud to present MS-610 hi-end loudspeakers for the discerning audiophiles. Our aim was to develop a successor to the immensely popular MS-301 loudspeakers, but with a very significant improvement in performance. The MS-610 sets a new benchmark for modern speakers in same price range and also for significantly more expensive loudspeakers.

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Product Description

The strength of MS-610 are its high quality drivers (woofer/tweeter) which are made in Denmark, an extremely well built cabinet with proprietary techniques and a high quality crossover. The speaker’s characteristic include excellent micro & macro dynamics, good transient response, high levels of details, low distortions of any kind, neutral sonic signature and an open sound stage that is both wide and deep.




Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 23 × 25.5 × 101.5 cm

2 x 6.5“ glass fiber mid bass
1 x 1” textile dome tweeter


2000 Hz, 18 db slope


170 Watts RMS


89 dB


4Ω nominal


40“ (H), 10“ (D), 9“ (W)


36 Hz to 20 kHz, +/- 3 dB


24 Kgs each; 60 Kgs, pair packed

1 review for Monitor Series (MS) 610 Loudspeakers

  1. bikban29

    Exceptional pair of speakers! Made an instant difference to the listening experience with my existing amp and dac setup. At low volume, every little detail of every instrument can be heard. Pump up the volume and still the instruments and vocals are clear and apart from each other, without becoming a mish-mash. Vocals come out crisp and life-like; every quiver in the singer’s voice can be felt. The different instruments sounds much richer and natural than what I was used to before the speakers arrived. Be it the guitar, the tabla or the flute, the nuances that I hear from the instruments are phenomenal.
    I listen to classic rock, contemporary English and Hindi music, Sufi and Indian classical. I have rediscovered my music collection and as if, the speakers have given a new dimension to music across the above genres. I am extremely happy that I bought these pair of speakers, which has taken my music appreciation to a new level.

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