Maddale Solo


Artist Ganapati Bhagwat Kavale
Gurumurthy Vaidya
Ramesh Bhagwat
Genre Hindustani Classical
Release Date Dec 2018
Formats CD
(High Definition/320kbps)
(Studio Master-24bit/192kHz)


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Product Description

Modern audio sources support hi-defintion audio with great levels of dynamics and details, which required an amplifier capable of delivering the new standard for audio reproduction. This required an amplifer to have very tight grip on the speakers in order to deliver good levels of micro and macro dynamics and transient response, while ensuring lowest levels of distortion.

Yakshagana is the most popular folk theatre art form of Karnataka. Its narration and song  by Bhagawats who are the lead singers express various emotions like love, anger,hate, bravery etc.The excerpts sung are from the oral texts of Hindu Mythology. This is accompanied by percussion instruments like chande and maddale.

Here we have Shri Ganapati R Bhagwat playing the traditional maddale recorded in a tonality which portrays the instrument’s majesty. Shri Ganapathy was born to an Yakshagana inclined family. His lessons with his father Sri Ramachandra Bhagwat started when he was 14 year old. He later joined Hangaarakatte Yakshagana Kendra Udupi. Today he is one of the prominent senior artist known as ‘Savyasaachi” of Badagutittu Yakshagana. Accompanying him on chende is Shri Gurumurty Vaidhya and Ramesh Bagwat on Taala.




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