Kavi- Active Studio Monitors


Kavi Studio Monitor are designed to offer not-just a flat frequency response, but very low distortions, great dynamics and excellent transient response. This makes them an ideal companion for the most demanding studios in India. The speakers are made with hi-end drivers  manufactured in Denmark and housed in a very rigid wood cabinet. The amplifiers are external as it is built using traditional transformers and transistors, instead of using SMPS or Class-D technologies.

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Product Description

Kavi – Active Studio Monitors

Kavi Studio Monitor was originally designed for in-house use for mixing/mastering our classical music recordings. We started building our own monitor after we were dissatisfied with several commercially available studio monitors as they not suitable for acoustic and natural sounding recordings like classical or folk music. We leveraged our experience of designing hi-end products for audiophiles and combined that with lessons learnt from working with audio professionals to create the Kavi Studio Monitor, which we believe truly represents the best of both worlds. The monitors are an ideal companion for mix/mastering engineers working on very acoustic recordings. Like all AP products – the Monitors are capable of excellent dynamics and transient response, combined with a natural tonality that enables listeners to enjoy music for many long hours without any listening fatigue. This loudspeaker solution is probably the best hi-end solution for small to medium sized rooms. The monitors can be used with a preamp or directly connected to a source that has volume control.


Weight 7.5 kg
Dimensions 21 × 28.5 × 37 cm

2 x 6.5“ glass fiber mid bass
1 x 1” textile dome tweeter


160W per channel @ 8Ω, Class AB bi-amplification


Active crossover set to 2000Hz, 36db Slope

Frequency Response

42 Hz to 20 kHz, +/- 3 dB


Speaker :
Amplifier :


Speaker :
Amplifier :


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