An unique studio solution for mixing & mastering

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We combined our expertise in designing hi-end audio equipment and extensive recording experience to create our professional line of products. Our solution consists of two products – (1) An unique studio monitors and (2) a state of the art digital to analogue converter. These products offer many advantages.

  • Easier to hear even the most subtle changes to mix. High level of details combined with exceptional transient response and a dynamic range of 129 dB.
  • Consistent performance across frequency range even at high volume levels. Extremely good performance at the low frequency.
  • Absolutely negligible distortions and coloration to ensure accurate reproduction of tone & timber of recorded material .
  • Fatigue free listening experience – Precision electronic crossover and bi-amplified with class AB power amplifiers. Both DAC and Amplifiers utilize linear power supplies throughout .
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  • Click here for details of Digital To Converter
Kavi – Active Studio Monitor

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Professional Series

Sweet to hear, yet a monster on the inside

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The 845 mono block is one of the very best amplifier we ever manufactured. The mono blocks are a monster weighing close to 80kg each. It operates at a deadly voltage of over 1200v (DC) and the tube filament consumes massive current. It was a herculean task to manufacture these power amplifiers and it was a very limited production. Even after 10 years of ownership, the owners have no plans to upgrade anytime soon. The sonic of these amplifiers are absolutely stunning.

DAC, Preamp & Power – all based on Vacuum Tubes

Impressing friends with equipment or music ?

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A fun aspect of being an audiophile is the ability to show-off results of our effort in putting together a unique and wonderful sound music system. An immediate way to impress friends is to talk about the equipment and demonstrate using superbly recorded audiophile tracks. Another effective but rather wonderful method – might be to make the friend enjoy music that typically cannot be enjoyed on a low-fidelity system. At Acoustic Portrait, we have always enjoyed introducing friends to new genre of music and enjoyed watching them get stunned in a way they never expected. The new genre might be Jazz played by Keith Jarret and on the other end of the spectrum – it could be hard rock by Metallica !!

Indian classical musicians interact with audiophiles

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Acoustic Portrait organized a music workshop bringing together Indian classical musicians and audiophiles to exchange perspectives. From an audiophile perspective, the event was organized to help them explore Indian classical music along with other forms of music they are already familiar with.

Shakthidhar.V.R. is a hugely talented and full time Hindustani music professional. Anand Vishwanatan is an technology professional and also a Carnatic musicians who regularly performance with top artists. They both had graciously agreed to come for the discussion. The interaction covered various topics and here are some highlights

  • Spiritual : While Jazz, Western Classical and many other forms of music are spiritual in nature, Indian classical music takes you much deeper. Talked about people who were rock fans and got converted to hard-core classical fans
  • The many challenges of being an India Classical artist : Indian classical music as part of its structure requires the artist to include emotional elements and improvise at every performance. The training rigors and the addressing the many flavors of request by audience and fans.
  • What are the aspects to appreciate in a classical music – for those who know the technical aspects of music and for those who do not know the technical aspects.
  • The role of recording quality & high quality audio reproduction & Acoustic Portrait’s recording initiative.

It was a very engaging and deep dive discussions that extended for more than 3 hours with excellent participation from everyone who attended the event. Acoustic Portrait would like to thank both the artist and the musicians for taking their to attend the event. Encouraged by the success of this event, We will plan to have more such events in future.