Acoustic Portrait Record Label represents the best effort till date to record Indian music in the most pristine high definition format. There are two key aspects that enables us to make this claim.

(1) Our studio is equipped with highest quality of recording equipment – ever committed for recording Indian classical music.

(2) A mixing/mastering process that treats each recording uniquely – based on our deep appreciation for classical music and our intention to retain the original nuances/timber of the acoustic performance.

Complex forms of music have a lot of depth making them more addictive. However, the acoustic details of such music will be easier to reproduce from a higher quality of recording. Consequently, AP records will enable music lovers to easily relate to the true essence of genres such as Hindustani and Carnatic music.

Our distribution platform offers high resolution FLAC files, along with MP3 as choice for customers. For customers owning high-end stereo, headphone or home theater, we highly recommend the high definition FLAC files. Both MP3 and FLAC files can be immediately downloaded upon purchase – through our high speed cloud infrastructure.