An unique studio solution for mixing & mastering

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We combined our expertise in designing hi-end audio equipment and extensive recording experience to create our professional line of products. Our solution consists of two products – (1) An unique studio monitors and (2) a state of the art digital to analogue converter. These products offer many advantages.

  • Easier to hear even the most subtle changes to mix. High level of details combined with exceptional transient response and a dynamic range of 129 dB.
  • Consistent performance across frequency range even at high volume levels. Extremely good performance at the low frequency.
  • Absolutely negligible distortions and coloration to ensure accurate reproduction of tone & timber of recorded material .
  • Fatigue free listening experience – Precision electronic crossover and bi-amplified with class AB power amplifiers. Both DAC and Amplifiers utilize linear power supplies throughout .
  • Click here for details of Studio Monitor
  • Click here for details of Digital To Converter
Kavi – Active Studio Monitor

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Professional Series

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