Indian classical musicians interact with audiophiles

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Acoustic Portrait organized a music workshop bringing together Indian classical musicians and audiophiles to exchange perspectives. From an audiophile perspective, the event was organized to help them explore Indian classical music along with other forms of music they are already familiar with.

Shakthidhar.V.R. is a hugely talented and full time Hindustani music professional. Anand Vishwanatan is an technology professional and also a Carnatic musicians who regularly performance with top artists. They both had graciously agreed to come for the discussion. The interaction covered various topics and here are some highlights

  • Spiritual : While Jazz, Western Classical and many other forms of music are spiritual in nature, Indian classical music takes you much deeper. Talked about people who were rock fans and got converted to hard-core classical fans
  • The many challenges of being an India Classical artist : Indian classical music as part of its structure requires the artist to include emotional elements and improvise at every performance. The training rigors and the addressing the many flavors of request by audience and fans.
  • What are the aspects to appreciate in a classical music – for those who know the technical aspects of music and for those who do not know the technical aspects.
  • The role of recording quality & high quality audio reproduction & Acoustic Portrait’s recording initiative.

It was a very engaging and deep dive discussions that extended for more than 3 hours with excellent participation from everyone who attended the event. Acoustic Portrait would like to thank both the artist and the musicians for taking their to attend the event. Encouraged by the success of this event, We will plan to have more such events in future.

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