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Acoustic Portrait is a leading high-fidelity audio equipment manufacturer with three distinct offerings:

  1. Hi-Fi Audio Equipment for AudiophilesOur products are meticulously designed by highly evolved science of acoustic reproduction. Most importantly, components used in the manufacturing process are select grade and tested for strict quality standards. Acoustic Portrait offers world class performance and incredible value compared to any other Hi-Fi audio brand.
  2. Professional Audio Products for Audio Engineers For many years Acoustic Portrait has worked with top Indian musicians on professional audio projects therefore, our high-end design team developed state-of-the-art recording equipment to support this initiative. Acoustic Portrait now offers few of these unique products to Indian studios and audio professionals.
  3. High Definition Recordings of Indian Classical Music We record Indian classical music to audiophile standards with the help of state-of-the-art recording equipment. Our mixing and mastering process focuses on retaining the timber and nuances of music. We distribute the music in a high definition audio format to a global audience. The records are available in high resolution MP3 and FLAC (24/192) formats suited for Hi-Fi audio systems.

Customers discover appreciation for new genres of music using Acoustic Portrait’s high fidelity audio equipment and also rediscover music that were already a favorite!

Let’s take a look at Acoustic Portrait’s design principle: Pure | Dynamic | Expressive
Absolutely the very best loudspeakers for audiophiles in India. Unparalleled and unique construction techniques, high grade crossover components and handmade drivers from Denmark are the key ingredients that makes these products stand apart from competing products. Promotion valid until 30th May 2019.


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