Acoustic Portrait announces new products for the home theatre segment. Visit our studio for one of the finest home theatre experiences.

Experience Dolby ATMOS & DTD HD to its potential

We thank NDTV for featuring our product. It encourages us to do what we are passionate about – we design high-end audio equipment that reproduces intricate musical detail and puts it all together in a manner that brings out the emotions of musical performance.

Our sincere thanks and gratitude to What Hi*Fi? team for organizing this wonderful show in Mumbai, and also to all the wonderful audiophiles & music lovers of Mumbai for their show of support. The event has encouraged us to invest more and develop more products for the Indian market.

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Customers discover an appreciation for new genres of music using Acoustic Portrait’s high-fidelity audio equipment and also rediscover music that was already a favorite!

Acoustic Portrait is a leading high-fidelity audio equipment manufacturer with three distinct offerings:

  1. Hi-Fi Audio Equipment for AudiophilesWorking with some of the finest musicians for several years now, we have developed a deeper appreciation for the art of communicating emotion through music. This has helped us develop a unique vision for acoustic reproduction, and it forms the basis for our equipment design philosophy. Further, we manufacture our equipment using only the highest-grade components to ensure world-class performance.
  2. Home-Theatre Through our distributors and select architects, we offer high-end home-theatre solutions with our own loudspeaker packages and multi-channel power amplifiers. These are reference-grade systems that sound great with both movies and music. Visit our studios to listen to our home-cinema demo, which will offer insight into the true potential of Dolby ATMOS and DTS-HD.
  3. High Definition Recordings of MusicWe record Indian musicians to audiophile standards, with the most advanced set of equipment committed to this form of music. Our mixing and mastering process focuses on keeping the timber and nuances of music. We distribute the music in a high-definition audio format to a global audience. The records are available in high-resolution MP3 and FLAC (24/96) formats suited for Hi-Fi audio systems.
Let’s look at Acoustic Portrait’s design principle: Pure | Dynamic | Expressive.


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